Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Freewill versus Fate

English class always gets me thinking.  I can’t decide whether or not if it’s because of my teacher or if I just over analyze the things he says.  Last english class we had a discussion on taking chances.  To set the scene everyone had to picture themselves at a path, spliting in two directions, and having to choose which path to take.  My teacher brought up a good point.  Choosing which path to follow is a leap of faith which you need to take if you want to get further ahead in life.  The difficult part is thinking about if that choice was either freewill or simply fate.  I guess to put the word “simply” before the word “fate” is an understatement because fate is in fact a complex concept. Of course, I took it as a complex concept.  I raised my hand in class that day when my teacher tallied how many people would rather freewill over fate.  I chose fate.  Just so you know, I was the only one out of twenty-four people to choose fate over freewill. The decision came easy to me.  I believe that everyone does have a destiny.  Fate holds the truth behind freewill.  Once accepted, freewill no longer seems to exist.  A person  can have a sense of peace once they understand their fate and realize everything happens for a reason.  I’m not really sure if any of this made sense because..well..like I said, fate is a complex concept.  If I do confuse you feel free to comment.

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