Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bold and Beautiful

LaLaLaLove the bold lips and the matching beanie! 

Tip(Dip)-Dye Hair

Tip(Dip)-Dye Hair

I need to do this!! I only am scared about bleaching my hair. Will bleaching the ends damage it or keep it from growing?!

Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial

Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial


The Waterfall Braid is perfect for every single occasion and for pretty much every hair type!
Try it out!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Freewill versus Fate

English class always gets me thinking.  I can’t decide whether or not if it’s because of my teacher or if I just over analyze the things he says.  Last english class we had a discussion on taking chances.  To set the scene everyone had to picture themselves at a path, spliting in two directions, and having to choose which path to take.  My teacher brought up a good point.  Choosing which path to follow is a leap of faith which you need to take if you want to get further ahead in life.  The difficult part is thinking about if that choice was either freewill or simply fate.  I guess to put the word “simply” before the word “fate” is an understatement because fate is in fact a complex concept. Of course, I took it as a complex concept.  I raised my hand in class that day when my teacher tallied how many people would rather freewill over fate.  I chose fate.  Just so you know, I was the only one out of twenty-four people to choose fate over freewill. The decision came easy to me.  I believe that everyone does have a destiny.  Fate holds the truth behind freewill.  Once accepted, freewill no longer seems to exist.  A person  can have a sense of peace once they understand their fate and realize everything happens for a reason.  I’m not really sure if any of this made sense I said, fate is a complex concept.  If I do confuse you feel free to comment.

The Little Bold Dress

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tomorrow: Challenge 1

Goal: Wear bold lipstick

I know this goal may not seem to be a big deal, but when you usually dazzle up the eyes the lips get lost.
Don’t wear a lot of eye make-up tomorrow…NO eyeshadow OR liner. Mascara is okay to wear. 
Red lips, or dark colored (stay in season!)

Post your pics!! 
Let me see you CHALLENGE YOURSELF, and the status quo. 

Go on, I dare you!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Color Wheel of Jeans

Color Wheel of Jeans

Black AND Brown Collide

Who ever said you can’t mix black and brown?

One Skirt, Multiple Shirts.

One Skirt, Multiple Shirts.

Miss Selfridge

Sticky Glasses

I was talking to my family about getting contacts.
I’m not really sure about what to do.

My twin brother said, “You look better with glasses.”
My dad said, “Oh! You’re getting contacts!”
My mama said, “Try contacts because once you wear your glasses for a long period of time, you start to get that glasses face.”

My other brother then decided to chime in..and just so you know, I have three wonderful brothers..
Anyway, He said that his friend has been wearing glasses for about 5 years now, and that when they do come off you can see a crease in his friends hair line.

I know I would never want that, but my problem is that I’m scared I may have that look?!

Personally, I can’t see myself walking down the aisle in glasses.  I know that’s weird to think about considering the fact that I am 18, but HEY, what the heck.
Also..Now don’t judge me on this..but when I was dating my ex-boyfriend, he wore glasses all the time.  One night he took them off, and all of the sudden my eye twitched.  To tell you the truth I was not attracted to him without his glasses.  I know being attractive to someone over their glasses is ridiculous, but it’s just weird to know how such a small, and sometimes necessary accessory can change the way people look at you..and the way you look at yourself.  Unfortunately, it’s the truth.

For awhile I thought that I looked better with glasses too.  I mean why wouldn’t I, right?!  When I looked in the mirror I saw me with glasses, and when the glasses were off I could not really see myself.

I learned it’s all about confidence.
Who’s to say glasses are nerdy, or ugly?!.
They’re sophisticated looking and cute.

I’m starting to become confident with out my glasses, i just yet to get my contacts.  I’ll bump into walls for a couple of days to prove my point though.

I was researching and found this on the internet.
I don’t know who these people are, but it’s interesting to know what others think sometimes.